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Tiger Safari Expedition is an experience conceptualised after years of personal relationship with the forest. Whether it is with the mighty Sal of Kanha or the gorges of Panna, the forts of Ranthambore or the grasslands of Nauradehi. The tours are curated in keeping with the pulse of each forest and its people. Apart from curating & connecting guests to the landscape, the tours also aim to give back via way of responsible/ethical tourism which will keep in mind the interest of the locals as well as ensure minimal disturbance to the species viewed during the safaris.

Tiger Safari Expedition

Connecting World With Wild !

Lets explore the wilderness & track the majestic tigers of India in their true habitat and create memories for the lifetime.
Himanshu Yadav
Naturalist & Director

About Founder


Himanshu Yadav was 5 when he first started his foray into the wilderness. His love for the forests is the muse behind conceptualising an organisation with the vision of forming an extensive community across landscapes of like-minded individuals who genuinely care about the wilderness and their role in the web that binds us all.


Apart from introducing people to the forests, Himanshu’s greatest love is to track tigers and document different species of owls.


Ethical Tourism

Tiger Safari Expedition follws ethical tourism practices in the field as well as in guest handeling.

Service before Self

Tiger Safari Expedition works with the soul purpose of providing complete guest satisfaction.

Social Responsibility

Tiger Safari Expedition works closely in coordination with local communities for their conservation and wildlide protection.

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The creature we truly depends upon whether it is sources of fresh water or clean air, all comes from their home, Tigers rely on us now. We have to give them breathing space.
Himanshu Yadav
Naturalist & Director

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