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Tiger Safari Tour Packages

Welcome to Tiger Safari Expedition, your ultimate gateway to the captivating world of tiger safari tours in India. With around 53 tiger reserves scattered across the country, including the renowned Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Ranthambore, Corbett, Pench, and Tadoba, our tours offer unrivaled excitement and exploration.


Nestled within the Golden Triangle tour zone, these wildlife sanctuaries attract visitors year-round, beckoning adventurers to immerse themselves in the untouched beauty of nature. At Tiger Safari Expedition, we understand that a truly remarkable tiger safari requires patience, perseverance, and an experienced team of wildlife enthusiasts.


That’s why we meticulously curate every aspect of your journey, ensuring that our fact-filled itineraries address all your questions and provide you with an unparalleled wildlife experience. Whether you seek wildlife-focused tour packages, cultural immersions, or specialized expeditions targeting specific species like tigers, lions, Asian elephants, rhinos, leopards, reptiles, or birds. Our diverse range of meticulously crafted tour packages will cater to your every desire. Let us take you on an unforgettable adventure, tailor-made to your satisfaction.

Best Seller Safari Tours

Tiger Tour Packages and other wildlife

Kanha & Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari Tour

Kanha & Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari in Central India. 9 Nights / 10 Days

Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari Tour

This tour is mainly focused for the best tiger sightings. 7 Nights/ 8 Days

Panna & Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari Tour

Bandhavgarh & Panna Safaris into land of royalities. 7Nights / 8Days

Bandhavgarh National Park

Explore the land of tigers with seamless photography posibilities.

Kanha National Park

Land of The Jungle Book welcomes you at our Kanha tours.

Panna National Park

Panna and Khajuraho awaits on the bank of beautiful Ken River.

Tiger Safari Special Parks

Parks For Tiger Tour Packages

Bandhavgarh National Park

Kanha National Park

Panna National Park

Pench National Park

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Ranthambhore National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

Satpura National Park

Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary

Leopard Safari Special Parks

Leopard, Heritage & Culture Tour Packages

Heritage & Leopard

Jawai Safari (Bera)

Jhalana Leopard Reserve

Birding Special Sites

Resident & Migratory Birds With Other Wildlife Tour Packages

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary

Sattal Bird Sanctuary

Dessert National Park

Tal Chappar Sanctuary

Grassland Special

Indian Grey Wolf - White Horned Rhinos

Wolf Special

Kaziranga National Park

Tailor Made Safari Tour Packages

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