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Kanha National Park hailed as one of the most beautiful tiger reserves (owing to the towering Sal) in Central India and spread across the districts of Mandla and Balaghat, Kanha is famous not only the tiger but for the endangered Hard- Ground Barasingha as well, which was close to extinction due to habitat loss in the landscape.


Due to commendable, tireless and continued efforts by the Forest Department of Kanha which included, extensive breeding programs, creation of grasslands/ meadows, water sources, monitoring and overall habitat protection, the species count which had once plummeted down to 66 is now close to 800+ in the reserve and the deer can be seen grazing in herds across the grasslands are a delight to photograph. Apart from the tiger and the Barasingha, the forest is also home to 300 species of birds, 43 species of mammals, 500 species of insects and 26 species of reptiles. Kanha is also home to trees such as Sal, Jamun, Mango, Palaash, Tendu, Mahua, Achar, Semal, Kusum etc.

Best Time To Visit Kanha National Park

The best time to visit any tiger reserve for tiger safari is October – June. However, wildlife enthusiasts consider planning a trip during the summer months, as the wildlife can be seen frequenting water bodies, especially during the months of March- May. Wildlife relaxing by or drinking water can offer a great chance at clear photographs, or ample time to observe them in a more leisurely fashion, thereby helping understand animal behaviour and ecology as well. However, if you want to enjoy the forests and are not particularly focused on wildlife sightings alone winter months of October – February are a great time to enjoy the landscape and bird life.



All tiger reserves have a core and buffer zone. While the core zone is reserved for the flora and fauna of the reserve to thrive devoid of human interference or habitation, the buffer consists of villages, human habitation and activities of agriculture etc.

  • Total Area of the Park : 2051 sq. kms.
  • Core Area : 940 sq. kms.
  • Buffer Area : 1134 sq. kms.
  • Average Rainfall : 1443 mm
  • Weather : Temperatures can range from: 2 degrees in winter to 45 degrees in summer
  • Forest type: Moist deciduous forests (predominantly a Sal Forest)

How To Reach kanha national park


Kanha is connected with all major rail heads and nearest stations are- Gondia Railway Station 145 kms. & Jabalpur Railway station 160 Kms.
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Kanha is well connected to major airports like Jabalpur 200 Kms. , Raipur 210 Kms. & Nagpur 275 Kms. from the park.
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Kanha is connected to all major cites in MadhyaPradesh and Chattisgarh that are further connected with train or flight. Jabalpur 160 Kms. , Raipur 210 Kms. & Nagpur 270 Kms.


Clothing: Packing for a forest tour is usually easier than packing for a city do. Carry light cotton pants and t-shirts / shirts for summers, and pad up in multiple jackets/ sweaters gloves, socks and ear muffs during winters. Avoid flashy colours, perfumes, scented moisturisers or anything that stands out against the serene landscape and try to blend in as much as possible for a fantastic experience.

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